Historic Seligman Sundries 

The Historic Seligman Sundries exclusively serves Fossil Creek Trading Company’s gourmet coffee, Route 66 Coffee. You will find a full selection of the coffees served at the “Sundries” coffee bar available for purchase at the store.


We are open from the middle of March through October. Hours are 7:00 AM until 4:00 PM.


But, if you can’t make it to Seligman you can still purchase our fresh coffee, available as whole bean or ground, on the Merchandise page on this site.


Roasting coffee is an art for the folks at Fossil Creek Trading Company, which offers a selection of gourmet coffees bound to please true coffee lovers. From our signature blends to the flavored Route 66-themed line, you will find the coffee experience that is just right for you. From the start to finish, we guarantee the highest quality products are used so that Fossil Creek's coffees are consistently flavored.

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Feeling a bit adventurous? Try our Route-66 coffees with flavors selected to characterize each state along the "Mother Road". The blends: Illinois - a rich Irish Creme; Missouri - a delightful Southern Pecan; Kansas - a warm Hazelnut; Oklahoma - a delicious Chocolate Macadamia; Texas - a mouthwatering Toffee; Arizona - a tantalizing Cinnamon Vanilla Twist and California - a flavorful Creme Brulee.


Fossil Creek also offers a line of signature blend coffees. Try our Mogollon Mudd , a rich Colombian blend; Sedona Red Rock Roast, an espresso blend; Zane Grey Cabin Cowboy Roast; Mountain Blend, a flavorful dark roast; and the Payson Rodeo Roast. And, how could we forget the coffee that started it all, Southwestern Red Chile Coffee. No matter what blend you choose, you will experience coffees without compare. Enjoy Route 66 Coffee. 



As you enjoy stepping back in time with us, we encourage you to visit The Seligman Buzz for interesting information about our Historical Route 66 town of Seligman, Arizona  U.S.A.